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We have various systems in our company, but we are not fully utilizing them.

We want to inherit the skills and know-how of aging or retiring employees.

Even for those who are not good at IT, we want them to utilize data for their work.

That trouble BM GPT Can Be Resolved

Adopt a Digital Assistant
Lets adopt it

We will provide BM GPT, a chatbot utilizing LLM, a type of generative AI, which can quickly find the necessary information for you. By connecting to other systems and electronic data you use, you will be able to easily search for the information you want.

Integration with Existing Systems
and Electronic Data

Integration with Plant Control Systems via BMecomo

Tuning to Industry-Specific Terminology

Utilization as Self-Study Material for Newcomers

Digital Assistant

As a "Digital Assistant," BM GPT assists busy executives, managers, employees and drivers who are not proficient in IT, as well as young staff and administrative personnel who are often tasked with data aggregation and information retrieval, helping them with their duties.

Sharing Know-How Beyond Company Boundaries

Sharing Know-How Beyond
Company Boundaries

No matter what kind of system it is, there are limits to the quantity and quality of accumulated knowledge data when it is introduced only by one company (or site). With BM GPT, users subscribed to the "Co-creation" plan can mutually view information.

※ This service is aimed at customers of woody biomass power plants.
※ The range of information that can be viewed depends on the contract.



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