Message from the CEO


Contributing to the creation of a sustainable, comprehensive circular society

BM ecomo was established in March 2022 within the KPP Group to provide solution services for environmental and energy-related businesses.

The KPP Group has long supported the development of society as a distributor of paper, a tool for transmitting information. However, with the evolution of IT technology, information transmission materials have been transitioning from paper to digital.

Moreover, focusing on the energy situation, the use of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas has led to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in global warming and an increase in abnormal weather and large-scale natural disasters worldwide. Fossil fuels are also expected to be depleted in the near future, necessitating a transition to renewable energy sources and CO2 reduction to rapidly achieve a "sustainable and affluent society" on a global scale.

We perceive the transformation of this market as an opportunity and are advancing towards becoming a solution service company that supports the realization of a comprehensive circular society through the harmonization of economic development and the natural environment.

We kindly ask for your continued support in the future.

President and CEO

Taichi Horio

Mission Statement



To bring clean energy and smiles to people around the world.

We deliver customer satisfaction through cutting-edge IT technology that transcends borders.


Aiming to be the number one or only one in niche markets.

We aim to provide solution services tailored to each customer by leveraging our expertise and the latest IT technology, considering how to solve our customers needs and challenges. Our goal is to become the number one in our respective markets and genres.


Putting the voice of the customer first.

We value the principles of "challenge", "collaboration", "responsibility", and "growth", and through our business activities, we contribute to our customers businesses.



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