BMecomo Platform For
Building Intelligent Businesses

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Climate change is one of the key challenges facing the society today. We adopt environment protection as a key task and part of our strategy. We lead by example in working towards reducing Green House Gas Emissions and reducing the carbon footprint by producing energy from clean renewable sources (Biomass) and managing our operations in an environmentally and social friendly manner.

Our organization/company was established with the concept of producing clean energy by utilizing unused forest wood resources as biomass fuel for power generation in Mie prefecture and Matsusaka city. Leftover materials such as branches, leaves and barks which are difficult to use locally are used effectively & efficiently here as Biomass fuel for power generation and we are one of the stable power producers from Biomass fuel in the region.

In the current situation, industry is undergoing a phase of technological disruptions that are giving rise to new challenges and opportunities and are looking at ways for driving high performance across the value chain by improving Operational efficiency, optimizing on cost, improve Asset utilization and reliability and achieve sustainability goals.

We have been using a paper-based approach system/manual mode for sharing information across the value chain. Emerging Digital Technologies like Al/ML, IIoT, Data analytics, Edge computing & Cloud etc. has enabled us looking beyond traditional conventions and focus on remaining sustainable via Digital Transformation by connecting our plants enterprise internally and externally across the value chain.

What is BMecomo

We established our intelligent business platform “BMecomo” with a goal to improve operations, lower the maintenance costs and maximize profits for biomass power plants and transforming our Biomass business. BMecomo have three main areas of application:

  1. Web-based Dashboard
  2. Plant Operations Optimization
  3. Asset Maintenance Management

This platform has advanced technology components through and connects our plant systems, aggregates vast volumes on plant data over cloud through Rubus IoT Gateway sharing information to key decision makers and users irrespective of their location, providing enhanced insights on the data gathered improving the performance & reliability of our plant assets, presenting visualizations thereby maximizing our profits.

BMecomo case studies

  1. Remote monitoring: BMecomo connects with plant systems for real-time data capture from different OT (Operational Technology) systems like SCADA/DCS and presents the anomalies and actionable insights in real-time to key stake holders (Operations team, Executive management team, financial institution) enabling them with data driven decision making. Stake holders have real-time visibility on overall plant and asset health for making timely decisions to avoid unfavorable conditions/situations in the plant. This web-based application is accessible by key personnel at any point of time over a browser or handheld device.
  2. Asset maintenance management system: BMecomo has enabled us to move towards a connected and intelligent plant. We have connected isolated/disconnected and desperate plant systems across value chain centrally have a single version of data truth established. Data regarding operations, maintenance and process across the plant is centrally collected. Advanced analytical algorithms integrated with this data has enabled horizontal integration of the value chain resulting in predicting/forecasting probable equipment failures, reduction in equipment downtimes, reduction in maintenance cost and optimization of our operations and maintenance and thus profit maximization
  3. Knowledge retention and skill enhancements: Response knowledge to unfavorable/emergency operating situations trouble shooting was restricted to some individuals/operators. With digital technologies AI/ML, Data science gaining momentum and implemented, BMecomo platform which connects plant systems and predicts possible and potential issues much before they could occur has enabled our operating team to enhance their knowledge and skills resulting in reduced training and onboarding time.

With this IoT implementation in one plant, we wish to share the learnings across all other plants. This will help us in knowledge consolidation and sharing across the enterprise, get enterprise visibility and contribute to a sustainable society.